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ENSP European Network for Smoking Prevention
The ENSP is an international non-profit making organization, created in 1997 under Belgium law (16377/97). The mission of the ENSP is to develop a strategy for coordinated action among organizations active in tobacco control in Europe by sharing information and experience and through coordinated activities and research.

The aim of the ENSP is to create coherence among smoking control activities and to promote comprehensive tobacco control policies at regional, national and EU level. As well as ensuring effective intervention and contribution of tobacco control advocates at European/national policies, strategies and measures.

ENSP draws together 600 Member organisations active in the field of tobacco control, represented by two national coalition representatives from the Member States as well as Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Romania, and one representative from several networks active in tobacco control in the EU (ENYPAT,NSFH,INWAT,EUNS.)

The ENSP evolves and adapts ensuring the continued development of networking on a pan European scale among non-profit organisations, in order to increase cost effectiveness and efficiency of smoking prevention activities on a non-governmental level. This action is complementary to governmental tobacco control policy development at EU and at national/regional level. We aim to benefit from mutual learning based on the coalitions comparative advantages, the sharing of resources and experience as well as to build consensus around tobacco control issues.

The experts brought together by the ENSP in order to contribute to the HELP campaign have an impressive amount of tobacco control experience and their represent the strength of tobacco control advocacy throughout EU. We coordinate the scientific work to be covered within the some of the different actions and themes with the best and most up to date research and evidence in the field.

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