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A smoker or somebody wanting to take up smoking, you will discover the risks you take as well as the objective reasons why it would be better not to smoke.

If you decide to take this course, the web site will offer you the props which, in your country, will without a doubt be able to support you and help you.

Finally if you are a non-smoker but a victim of tobacco, you will come across information to inform you about your rights as well as give you the possibility to get in touch with organisations that can give you more accurate information and help you.
To stop you ever starting
One day or another, everybody wants to discover the sensations smoking provides. Don’t fall into the trap! Here is some advice to follow to thwart the temptation of smoking…
Why quit?
Good reasons that will encourage you to quit and rediscover a healthy lifestyle.
To avoid suffering passive smoking

Advice and information to better understand passive smoking and to avoid it.

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